Senior Care Service - Legal, Health Care, and Financial Advocacy

Our team of dedicated professionals is experienced in health care advocacy, tax return preparation and bill pay assistance. Our senior care service include:

Senior Care Services

Act on the Client’s Behalf

We act on behalf of our clients as trustee, personal representative, or attorney-in-fact (DPOA).

Appointments with Physicians

We schedule and accompany clients to doctor appointments. We also send notes to family members if requested.

Senior Care Services
Senior Care Services

Assisted Living

We keep in close touch with the nursing staff at assisted living facilities to ensure clear communication between the doctor, the patient, their family and the facility.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) forms are signed by each client for the release of personal medical information. This helps us advocate for them.

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Insurance Claim forms

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims matters are administered for long term care, as well as Medicare and supplemental insurance providers who require additional information or documentation to complete their claims.

Patient Medical History

We make sure our clients have completed their medical history forms for use at doctor visits and hospital stays. Even with digital records, it is important to have a paper copy for new doctors and hospitals you may not be registered with.

Patient Medical History
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Checkbook Management and Bill Paying

We assist clients in making sure bills are paid either through auto deductions or by check writing. We balance bank accounts and share the information with clients.

Representative Payee

We act as agents to secure Social Security benefits and pay bills for clients. We prepare and file annual reports to the Social Security Administration on these matters.

Representative Payee Advocate

Income Tax Return Preparation

We prepare tax returns for individuals, estates, living trusts and supplemental needs trust. We also assist clients with estimated tax payments and in setting up required minimum distributions (RMDs) from IRA accounts.

Monitor Investments

We provide financial advisor oversight to those who want a second pair of eyes to see that their assets are being managed as they had intended.

Monitor investments - stocks

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