Our Powerful Right to Vote

Our Powerful Right to Vote

When I was about five years old, the kiddos in my neighborhood decided to stage our own election. One of the adult neighbors was a precinct committee person who was very active in local politics, and she had let it be known that participating in political activities was an exciting thing to do. We didn’t really know what it meant, but we knew our parents had voted at various times. We even went to the polls and watched as our parents pulled the levers in voting booths. It was all kind of mysterious and exciting, and we wanted in on the action.

My older brother was so interested in politics that he organized our own “Mock Election” so we could vote then and there, and wouldn’t have to wait until we were adults to cast our ballots. There were about ten of us in the neighborhood, all within five years of each other, and we were ready for a new adventure.

The candidates we chose were cartoon characters that we all had opinions about. We could speak to the tenacity of the Road Runner, or the cuteness of Mickey Mouse. Bambi was a favorite, too. Of course, the Spoiler, Donald Duck had to be on the ballot, and Jiminy Cricket was nominated for his wisdom. The polling place was created in our garage, with tables and chairs and hand-printed ballots for the voters. Everyone had a job assigned by my brother, who in his wisdom as one of the oldest kiddos in the neighborhood, could figure out what needed to be done and who could do it. He was the election judge who maintained a semblance of order in that noisy, chaotic garage space. I was the sergeant-at-arms and protected the voting box as if my life depended on it.

Once all votes were cast, two people tallied the votes and determined that Bambi was the winner! It was a huge day, indeed.

From that point…

From that point, I became interested in the political process and the importance of voting in our democracy. Today at Advocates for Seniors, LC we help our clients request absentee or advance ballots and take them to the polls to vote if they are unable to drive themselves. We have found that seniors are especially committed to voting and we make it a priority to assist them with the process. As elders lose control of many aspects of their lives, such as the ability to drive their car, or for safety reasons of  relinquishing their billfolds while living in a facility, voting is the one thing that can’t be taken from them.

It is a challenge at times to ensure that address changes are made in time and to order absentee ballots under the deadline, but we know that maintaining this right to vote is essential to their sense of control and well-being, and we make sure they can exercise that right. 

At this time of constant political advertising and non-stop discussions on multiple issues, we take a moment to remember the value of our right to vote

As always, Advocates For Seniors, LC is here to help you make choices you can live with. 

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