What I Want My Epitaph to Say…

What I Want My Epitaph to Say…

We’ve spent time in our newsletter describing preparation for end of life through legal planning and health care matters, and we’ve discussed death and dying and the grieving process. This month I’m considering what I want my epitaph to say. It’s one of those leading questions that could be seen as a psychological test or perhaps reveal a wish that went unfilled. Or, it could just be who you see yourself to be. Either way, let’s take a moment to pause and reflect on it.

For many years…

For many years I wanted my epitaph to say that I gave the best parties. I’d seen my parents plan and entertain their friends, and it all seemed so magical. Afterwards they would sit down and replay the evening, “basking in the glow”, as they said, of the camaraderie that was created in that moment. Even the house felt joyful from the laughter and fun that had filled the rooms, leaving a special happy essence in the air that couldn’t be seen but was easy to absorb. That joy would last for quite a while, and I wanted to breathe it in and fill my soul with it. 

After going out on my own I carried that sense of creating the mood for a memorable event, and still have it today. It translates into an epitaph of wanting people to remember how they felt at those special events and the joy they could take with them. When stressed by their day, I want them to pause and feel that joy again, knowing it’s theirs to keep forever. 

How do you want to be remembered? Let me know! ma****@ad**************.com.

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